Fun Things to Do – For Science Lovers

Do you love science as much as we do? Here's a list of fun science things to do:

  1. Enjoy some off-screen time by listening to a science podcast! Here are a few good ones Tumble, Brains On!, The Show About Science.
  2. Want to know what it's like to be a real-life scientist? You can Skype a Scientist
  3. Find fun suggestions for DIY science projects from the Ontario Science Centre.
  4. Visit a zoo from the comfort of your home and see what the animals are up to. Panda? Platypus? Penguin! San Diego Zoo has a variety of live cameras for your virtual zoo visit.
  5. Check out American Museum of Natural History's Dinosaurs Explained YouTube videos.
  6. Learn all about Earth and Space through these awesome Ted Ed videos.