Green Space Therapy, 6 Facts How Greenery Combat Depression

Did you know exercising in nature and living with green plants gives you a happier and less-stress life? In fact, there are many academic researches that support this truth! Here are a total of 6 facts on how nature and indoor plants can combat poor mental health and gives you a better quality of life. 

Fact 1: According to a research article written by National Center for Biotechnology Information of U.S.A National Library of Medicine’s The Importance Of Greenspace For Mental Health, people who have access to greenery and green space are found to have less anxiety and depression, and healthier cortisol which prevents unhealthy weight gain, high blood pressure, diabetes, fatigue and difficulty concentrating. 

Fact 2: In a Social Science & Medicine research article, it was found that people who regularly exercise in nature at least once a week for more than 2 weeks reduces their risk for poor mental health by 6%!

Fact 3: In the same article, The Importance Of Greenspace For Mental Health, the more we are exposed to nature, the more one has the ability to reflect on life problems. 

Fact 4: In the Journal of Health Psychology research, it found out that both reading and gardening can decrease stress levels, but “stress levels decrease significantly more with gardening”. In fact, the act of gardening and turning soils release good chemicals in the brain, such as serotonin and dopamine, which makes us happier. I guess It is time to pick up a good book and some gardening tools! 

Fact 5: A 2007 study on neuroscience found a bacterium in soil called Mycobacterium vaccae, and this bacteria “triggers the release of serotonin, which lifts mood and reduces anxiety.” Who would have thought dirt can be healthy for us too beside just being dirty. 

Fact 6: In the Water, Air, And Soil Pollution research, it discovered that most of the urban residents have a higher air pollution than outdoors, and scientists have identified over 300 toxins in indoor spaces that can be easily removed by indoor plants! For example, plants can remove high doses of benzene from the air within 24 hours and reduce dust in a space by 20 percent! 

Due to our living environment and climates, green spaces are not always available to us. Here are some book recommendations that take place in warmer and more tropical environments so our mind can still enjoy some green space therapy! I will also include some indoor planting books in this book list as well! Enjoy. 

Green Space Therapy

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