Hosting a Virtual Game Night!

It has been nearly a month of social distancing and it is more important now than ever to stay connected with friends and family.

Here is a quick guide of how to host a virtual game night, whether you are joining the library’s trivia night (happening tonight, April 17th at 8pm! register here), throwing on a movie or playing online party game. This is what you will need as the host:

  1. Two Devices: One device will be the main screen that is being shared (think of this as the device/game you’re centered around during your in-person game nights) and the other device is for your audio/video functions.
  2. Auxiliary Cord: If you want to project the audio from your main screen device, you’ll want to plug in an auxiliary cord from the Microphone port to the Speaker port
  3. A game to play
  4. A videoconferencing platform (Google Hangouts, Skype, Zoom, Facetime, etc.)

Setting up a shared screen:


If you have an auxiliary cord plugged into device #1 then you will just leave the mic and speaker on both devices. If you are not projecting the audio from device #1, then you’ll want to mute and turn off the speaker on device #1.

Your main shared screen could also look like this to play a board game:

Some ideas for games that work well virtually:

  1. Jackbox Party Packs (there’s child friendly settings for families playing together)
  2. Family Feud (lots of free answers found online), 1 person to host and teams made up of your friends or family!
  3. Trivia – make your own trivia questions and quiz your friends, you can also make a "How Well Do You Know Me?" type quiz for some extra bonding time
  4. Online games – search for site that allows you to play digital versions of your favourite games (games like Codenames or other board games have been made into websites/available on tabletop simulators) or with a digital standard deck of cards
  5. Board games - Roll and Write type board games are great during social distancing since it usually involves rolling a dice/flipping a card and filling of a personal game sheet (think Yahtzee). You might have to scan the game sheets/find digital copies of the game sheet. The game shown above is called Welcome To (purchased through local Markham game store Other board games like Trivial Pursuit would work well. 
  6. Other games - charades, pictionary works well too

Tell us the types of games you’ve been playing!