How to Truly Enjoy your Golden Years and Make the Most out of your Retirement

Getting old is a topic that many feel uncomfortable talking about, or push to the side and worry about later. While it certainly isn’t the most fun topic to talk about, it helps to do some research so you can learn how to enjoy spending all the extra time you will have whether it is by yourself, with your partner, or with your friends and family.

In this blog, I have some suggestions to help you better enjoy your golden years!

  • Keep your brain and body active: As you get older, you are at a considerably higher risk of cognitive impairment, and your body isn’t as capable as when you were younger. Thus, it is especially important that you stay active. Do some crossword puzzles. Go for a jog or power-walk. Play some trivia games. Go out for a swim. By staying active, you will delay the onset of many of these sorts of issues that come with being older.
  • Travel: Are there any places you wish you could visit when you were younger? Well, now that you have more spare time available, there’s never been a better time. If you have children, they’re likely grown up. Your finances are likely in order as well. Try to schedule your vacations during less busy times in order to take advantage of the best deals that might exist!
  • Volunteer or work part-time: The transition from full-time work to not working at all doesn’t have to take place all at once. There’s no shame in working a part-time job, or better yet, volunteering with a group or organization that shares many of the values you do. Take it one step at a time!
  • Make new friends: Numerous older individuals experience loneliness, especially if they outlive their partner. There are many wonderful senior groups that exist, and engage in a variety of fun activities. For instance, there are groups that do mall-walks together. Others play games like Bingo and various board games. Do a bit of searching around (or reach out to the library!) and we can help connect you with some local groups that you can spend time doing fun things with.

    The most important takeaway, is that everyone has different concerns when starting their retirement, along with what makes them happy. That said, I hope the above are helpful areas for you to start! Happy retirement


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