Media Scavenger Hunt

Media is all around us, whether we are at the bus stop, grocery store, restaurant, library or taking a walk outside, media informs the way we interact in our spaces and is intentionally curated to provide us with messages.

Media literacy refers to the knowledge and skills necessary to understand a wide variety of media forms appropriately, healthily, effectively and ethically.

The Association for Media Literacy outlines a foundational understanding of media that is appropriate for children as young as three years:

  1. Media are made by people, for people.
  2. We can see them.
  3. We can hear them.
  4. We can feel them.
  5. We can wear them.
  6. We can experience them.
  7. All media have a message.

A media scavenger hunt is a tour or walkabout in any space at any time where questions about what we see, hear, feel and experience are asked. All media has a message, and we can ask many questions about what is around us. It is ok to not always have the right answers, understanding that all media is made by people, for people.

Join Diana and June in the video below as they take a media scavenger hunt at the Markham Village branch. What will you discover in your next adventure in media? Comment below to share your discoveries, questions, and comments on media or media literacy.