Summer and Books – the Perfect Pair

With sunny days ahead and holidays from home in mind, nothing says summer like cozying up with the next great read on a picnic blanket in the sun. Summertime is the perfect time for finally picking up that one book you’ve been meaning to read the entire year or for exploring an entirely new genre. Choosing your summer read can be a daunting task, especially when you finally carved out some “just for reading” time out of your busy schedules. You want a book that will be perfectly suited to your tastes, one that you will surely enjoy from the very first page.

This summer, Markham Public Library has a number of great summer reading suggestions to keep you entertained. Summertime is all about reading what you want and when you want, so let us making your summer read a little more indulging. As we cannot recommend your next summer title in person, we have compiled a list of suggestions below:

Summer and Books – the Perfect Pair

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Would you like a book suggestion specifically suited to your tastes? On June 29th, you will also have the option to receive a personalized reading suggestion while attending our Book Love program. Join us, as we celebrate Canadian authors in preparation for Canada Day and find books perfectly tailored to your reading needs. 

If you love discussing your most recent reads with your friends, you will also love our very first Virtual Book Discussion. Join us on July 6th, as we read the Autopsy of a Boring Wife by French Canadian author Marie-Renee Lavoie.