Vinyl Cutting & Heat Press

MPL has a few different types of vinyl cutters and heat press for your DIY projects. Whether you want to design and make your own canvas bags, t-shirts, or make personalized birthday cards, we've got what you need. 

Have you ever tried to make your own stickers? Maybe design your own t-shirt?  MPL has top of the line DIY vinyl cutters and heat press available for beginners and pros. We provide supplies (please look at our rates) or you may bring your own. Let's get creative!

Related FAQs

  • Cricut’s heat press guide makes it easy to find the recommended settings for you to use for your project. You simply select the heat press you'll be using and then select from the drop down menus the heat transfer material you will be using and the base material you will be placing your design onto. If you still aren’t sure if the fabric or material will work with the easy press, please bring it in and our Digital Literacy Specialists can assist you.

  • Yes, we have regular and iron-on vinyl for sale at our branches along with cardstock and felt. Please check our makerspace pricing list for specific material fees.

  • Yes, customers can bring in their own materials to use with our different vinyl cutters and heat presses. We encourage you to check in with our Digital Literacy Specialists to make sure your materials are compatible with our machines before beginning your project.



Cricut (Maker and Explore Air 2)

The Cricut, also known as a digital die cutting machine, receives digital images and cuts them into materials such as vinyl, paper, fabric and more. 

Available at: Aaniin (Maker, Explore Air 2), Angus Glen (Explore Air 2), Cornell (Maker), Markham Village (Maker), Thornhill (Maker)

Graphtec CE-6000-60 Plus

Similar to the Cricut, the Graphtec CE-6000-60 Plus is a vinyl cutter used strictly to cut out vinyl and heat transfer vinyl (used to place designs on shirts) on a wider scale. 

Available at: Angus Glen 

Heat Press

The Red Clam Heat Press is a heat pressing tool used to press heat transfer vinyl onto shirts under high temperatures.

Available at: Angus Glen


Cricut EasyPress

Cricut EasyPress is a heat press that can be used in conjunction with the Cricut to transfer iron-on vinyl and infusible ink to fabric and other surfaces.

Available at: Aaniin (12"x10"), Cornell (12"x10", Mini), Thornhill (9"x9")

Mug Press

Mugs make perfect gifts for anyone. Want to design and make your own mugs? We've got a mug press that can help you do that. With the Cricut Mug Press, it's easy as 1-2-3.

Available at: Coming soon to Cornell Library


Cricut Hat Press

Cricut Hat Press, the perfect heat press designed for hats. Used in conjunction with the Cricut to create custom and personalized designs using iron-on vinyl or infusible ink.

Available at: Aaniin Library


Follow these simple steps to become Makerspace Certified to use our Makerspace equipment!

Step One: Complete the Online Makerspace Certification course. This course should only take 15-30 minutes to complete. As part of the certification, you will review and agree to the Makerspace User Agreement.

Step Two: Create an account on Markham’s Program Registration and Facility Booking Platform.

Step Three: Complete our form to arrange a time to meet with a Digital Literacy Specialist.  Once you have completed this form, our staff will connect with you via email within 5-7 business days.

Note: Customers under 13 years of age will need to be accompanied by a Makerspace-certified adult to use Makerspace equipment.

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Will my design work for the Cricut and Vinyl Cutter?

What type of designs are acceptable for the vinyl cutter and the Cricut? Learn from our specialists what would work best.
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