Create a Picture Book Advent Calendar

We've all seen the chocolate-y tasty advent calendars that line nearly every store. There are even advent calendar count downs for beauty products, toys, and more! Why not make an advent calendar of picture books, and read a new book together every night until Christmas. 

Follow along to find out what to do to create a bookish Advent Calendar

1. Gather Your Materials

The first thing you will need is books! We have a collection of ideas for books you could use on our reading list here . You may want to also add movies, e-books, audio books, or favorite s you have at home. You will also need wrapping paper, tape, ribbons, a basket, and numbered labels to note which book is for which day. Find some printable labels here.

For inspiration check out these ideas here, here, and here

2. Get everything ready

Lay out all of your books and decide what book will be for each day from 1 - 24. If you are including digital materials, make sure to note that on the back of the card! Wrap your gifts and attach a number to each book. 

Put your books together in a basket, pile, or prepare for a day-by-day reveal for your little ones. 

3. Open & Read!
Starting on December 1st begin opening a book and reading together each day and enjoy!

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