Energy Conservation : Use less and be more efficient

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Imagine you are an energy power cyclist.

Imagine your house is powered by your super-cool stationary energy bicycle.

Everything that needs energy such as your appliances, lights, TV and video game console, are powered by your amazing peddling.

Now a family member needs their bedroom light on so they can study. You say “no problem” and start peddling on your bike.  They finish studying but forgot to tell you they have left the room and you are still going.

The room continues to be lit with no one present.

Would you agree this is a waste of energy?  

This is what is happening now when we leave the lights on when no one is in the room except it is not you, the power cyclist using up all your resources, it is the Earth’s resources.

Have a look at this video which explains where energy comes from...

Another way of reducing the use of non-renewable energy resources is by finding renewable energy resources.

This video shows different renewable energy options…

Can you think of 3 ways you can start to conserve energy in your home or neighbourhood?

If you are stuck, perhaps some inspiration will come to you with these AWESOME SUGGESTIONS, opens a new window from city staff members. 

Can you add more to your list now?

We don’t have to stop there either. Did you know the City of Markham cares about energy conservation and sustainability?

Maybe one of those brilliant ideas that you thought of can get some financial support to get started.  Check it out “SUSTAINABLE NEIGHBOURHOOD SMALL GRANT, opens a new window

If we all do our part, we can help our city and community use less and be more efficient about energy use.

And remember, what is the most effective renewable energy source out there?

You got it – BRAIN POWER!!

Energy Conservation

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