5 Side Hustles you can Easily do from the Comfort of your Home

With no end in sight for the Coronavirus pandemic, many Canadians have taken on side hustles to help supplement their incomes during these challenging times. Are you looking for some inspiration to start your own side hustle, which you can safely do from the comfort of your own home? Then look no further, as I will outline five side hustles you can easily do from your residence!

  • Start your own online shop. Everyone has certain skills they can employ to earn additional income. Are you good at crafting? Painting? Maybe you have good woodworking skills? Starting an online shop has never been easier. There’s many options nowadays, if you choose to start a shop of your own. Etsy, EBay, Shopify, and even Amazon are options that exist for anyone looking to venture in this area.
  • Teach or tutor online. There is currently high demand for various types of teachers, professors and tutors. If you have the proper credentials and knowledge, this can be an easy way of supplementing your income.
  • Freelance writing or blogger. To do this, all you really need to have are good writing skills. Having connections can be very helpful, and chances are pretty high there is someone you know that could use some sort of writing assistance, especially if they are a small business owner (unless you prefer to start your own blog). One piece of advice is that if you choose to do some blogging, or freelance writing, try to write about things that are interesting or that you enjoy, or you may feel burnt out rather quickly.
  • Complete online surveys or participate in online studies. Though tedious they may be, online surveys are an easy way to earn gift cards and money for completing various online surveys. Large websites, like Amazon’s Mechanical Turk gives you many different surveys you can choose to complete. Additionally, universities are always looking for research participants for ongoing studies. These are another great way to earn some extra side income.
  • Telephone work. There are many telephone jobs you can do, from your home, where you call people in order to sell them products, inform them of services, or try to drum up political support for a local politician. Many customer-service type roles also exist where you do this type of work.

Of course, there are many more side hustles you can do from home, and I’ve highlighted just a few to help you get started. At the end of the day, what matters most to everyone is unique. Some want to make as much money as they can, others want to be safe during COVID19, and others want to do something they are passionate about. I recommend trying out different side hustles to see what resonates best with you. Good luck!

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