Land Use : Impact of our Forests


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Have you ever relaxed through a peaceful walk along a nature trail?
Have you ever enjoyed cool natural shade on a sunny day?
Have you ever used toilet paper?
Have you ever breathed oxygen?

If you answered YES to any of the above, it is THANKS in part to our forests and its TREES.

To find out why TREES are important, take a look at this video...

We are fortunate here in Canada to have a boreal forest that stretches across our entire country.  A 'boreal' is a forest that grows in regions in the northern hemisphere.  Here is a MAP of this forest, opens a new window

Quite a lot of GREEN, don’t you agree?

Some of the wood from these trees are used for a variety of purposes such as paper production and home construction.  Although the forestry industry is important, we still need to protect the forest for the beneficial impact it has on climate change and ecosystems.

Have a look…

Here are a few things you can do to raise awareness about why forests are important:

  • Learn about forests locally and globally, and share your knowledge (you already started by reading this blog)
  • Spread your love of forests with others. Nothing is more impactful than a message from you.
  • Visit forests and parks more often with your family. This will benefit you both physically and mentally.

The City of Markham and the Markham Public Library can help you get started…

Parks in Markham, opens a new window

Ontario Park Pass from MPL, opens a new window

And remember…
What do trees and you need to have in order for forests to thrive in the future?

Be-leaf (that everybody can work together)

Land Use : Impact of the Forests

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