Fun Activities To Celebrate Asian Heritage Month

May is Asian Heritage Month. It is a time to celebrate and explore the many diverse Asian cultures.   How can we do this? Asia is such a big continent, full of so many different nationalities, ethnicities, languages and cultures. There is so much to learn about from history to food. We would like to challenge you to try to learn something new each day. Why not, try to learn about a different country, people or culture each day. Where can you start? Well, we have a list of suggestions below.

  1. Watch an Asian movie or documentary on Asian History. Perhaps a Japanese movie one night and a Tamil one another night (You can watch movies in different languages on Hoopla through the Markham Public Library).
  2. Cook a dish from a different culture; perhaps, try an Indian dish one night and then, a Chinese or Korean dish the next (please see our reading list below for cookbooks with recipes).
  3. Learn the history about a country or a people (you can start by looking at our reading list below).
  4. Learn a different language (You can borrow ebooks on how to learn a different language from OverDrive or Hoopla. You can also use Mango Languages, which also has an app available to download on your phone through MPL.
  5. Take a look at a virtual museum exhibit at the Virtual Museum of Asian Canadian Cultural Heritage, featuring Asian Canadian artists and storytellers.
  6. Listen to contemporary and traditional Asian music on Hoopla.

Please see the link below to our Asian Heritage Month Reading list to learn more about Asian history, food and culture.

Asian Heritage Month

This list contains eBooks on Asian history, food (cookbooks) and culture.

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