How to Actually Relax on National Relaxation Day

August 15 marks a very special holiday! Surely you already have it marked on your calendar. What? You’ve never heard of National Relaxation Day? Alright, perhaps this holiday isn’t quite as well-known as some of the other days we celebrate, but it should be. August 15 is National Relaxation Day, an annual event that encourages people to take it easy, to relax, and to unwind. With our everyday busy lives, and the pandemic making many of us worry about the future, there’s never been more of a need for us to relax, both for our physical and mental well-being.

Don’t quite know how to relax? I have some suggestions below, to help you make the most of today:

1) Read a book! If you have a backyard, take a folding chair (or any chair, really) and enjoy a pleasant read while the weather is still beautiful. Don’t have a book at home? The library will let you check out online books (free of charge, of course!) and we also offer curbside pick-up for those of us that prefer physical books.

2) Meditation and Yoga! Research into these practices are revealing numerous benefits associated with yoga and meditation. Never done either before, or unsure where to start? A quick YouTube search for these terms can help reveal a number of helpful videos to assist beginners. Additionally, Markham Public Library offers free programs that can help you get started.

3) Soak in a warm bath! Personally, I can’t recall the last time I have taken a bath (I’m more of a shower person). However, there’s clearly a reason why spas have mud baths for their clients to soak into, so you should probably also do the same if it helps you relax!

4) Let your creative juices flow! For some, this means writing. Others prefer drawing. And yet others might enjoy painting. As long as the activity allows you to feel good and unwind, feel free to engage in whatever artistic endeavor you prefer.

At the end of the day, keep in mind that we are all different, and you should do activities that relax you. Perhaps none of the above suggestions really appeal to you. And that is perfectly okay! The goal is to do something that lets you take it easy, be it beekeeping, going for a nice drive, or even cuddling with your pets.