Why You Should Try Audiobooks

June is Audiobook month! We invite you to celebrate with us!

Over the last several years, audiobooks have significantly increased in popularity. Why? You may ask. Well, audiobooks offer the one thing that print books simply cannot match—narrated storytelling. Some may say that listening is not the same as reading, but we say that nothing could be further from the truth. We read to understand, imagine and learn from stories and the same can be achieved by listening to an audiobook. The only difference is that instead of reading with our eyes, we “read” with our ears. Most importantly, audiobooks are an accessible alternative to traditional print for individuals with print impairments.

Not convinced? Here are four more reasons why you should try an audiobook:

  1. Audiobooks are perfect for multitasking

Audiobooks do not require you to sit down and read, which is perfect for all the busy bees and multitaskers out there. You can listen to audiobooks while exercising, walking your dog, cooking, cleaning, and even working. They are also great for the kids who can’t sit still for reading a book. The convenience of audiobooks is unmatched, as they make mundane daily tasks that much more exciting!

  1. Audiobooks have the power to improve your concentration and listening skills

That’s right! If you find that your mind starts wandering during the first ten minutes of the audiobook, it’s a sign that you need to improve on your active listening skills. Audiobooks can do exactly that! Concentrating on the story will make you a better listener and improve your auditory learning skills. Regardless of your age, active listening is a skill we can all improve on.

  1. Audiobooks improve vocabulary and pronunciation

This is an often overlooked benefit of audiobooks. If you are learning a language or simply trying to expand your vocabulary—audiobooks are here to help! Listening to a narrated story can help with learning a language by hearing the correct pronunciation and expanding vocabulary.

  1. Audiobooks help you discover a book in a whole new light

In times of isolation, audiobooks can provide you company. Narrators can bring the book to life by using different voices to highlight and intensify emotion of the characters. The narrator's intonation also helps you catch the humour you would’ve otherwise missed. Often times, audiobooks are read by authors themselves, who help guide your imagination in the way they originally intended.

Markham Public Library has a large collection of digital audiobooks you can try today. Check out the links below to find audiobooks for every age group⁠—all you need is your Markham Public Library card.