5 Best Dessert Places in Markham to Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth!

Do you have a sweet tooth that simply craves the best and tastiest desserts? Fortunately, with how diverse Markham is, there is an abundance of delicious places that you can go to in order to satisfy your cravings. In this blog, I highlight some of the best dessert places I’ve gone to in Markham, and with a diversity of treats ranging from pastries to cookies to ice cream. Feeling hungry yet? Then check out these awesome small local businesses near you!

1) Roll Me Up Ice Cream & Desserts – 75 Main Street North, Markham, ON
As an ice cream lover, I can happily say that the ice cream served here is delicious, and comes with an enormous variety of options and toppings. They even have South Asian flavours, like Gulab Jamun and Paan King!

2) Old Firehall Confectionery - 170 Main Street, Unionville, ON
This women-owned small business has been proudly serving Markham with delicious treats for many years now, and provide many dessert options like ice cream, gelato, cookies, cupcakes, and candied apples to name just a few. They also make custom-made treats for anyone with special requests!

3) Love Gelato - 116 Main Street North, Markham, ON
This store specializes in gelato, as their name might suggest. For any gelato lovers out there, this establishment was voted best gelato in Ontario in 2019, so you’re sure to get a delicious treat that will make your tastebuds scream in delight.

4) Patisserie Fleur - 180 Enterprise Blvd Unit 103, Markham, ON
Located in downtown Markham, Patisserie Fleur primarily focuses on a variety of tasty cakes of all shapes and sizes. Not only are they visually appealing desserts, they often taste even better than they look! If cake isn’t your thing, they also have cookies and cold drinks that you can enjoy.

5) Cho-Kwok-Lat - 31 Main Street North, Markham, ON
Cho-Kwok-Lat has a delicious assortment of pastries, desserts, and freshly brewed coffee. To get access to the tastiest treats, I strongly recommend you come early in the morning because that’s when these delicious desserts are freshly made. If you visit near closing time, you’ll be sorely disappointed by the lack of remaining options, as this store sells out its most popular items rather quickly.

These are some of my top spots for delicious treats in the Markham area. Each have been sampled by yours truly. Did I miss any great spots that you frequent for a tasty snack? Be sure to share and let us know!