5 Tips for for a Feel Good Winter

Shorter days, more time spent inside the colds and flu AND the stress of staying as far away from Covid-19!  Our immune systems have a lot to deal with during the winter months. November to March are prime cold and cough months and the fewer sunny days can have a big effect on our health, both physically and mentally. So, following the advice from Markham’s health professionals in our Markham Wellness Circle, here are 5 tips for staying healthy for the coming winter season.

Wash Your Hands

Sounds easy enough right?  The fact is, it’s SO easy that people sometimes forget how important this  simple action can be for stopping germs spreading from one person to another and even through a whole community. It’s one of the easiest, most effective ways to avoid getting sick.

Eat the Rainbow 

Unlike the other seasons, winter may not be the best time for fresh fruits and vegetables but frozen produce is readily available and just as good as fresh! Eating a variety of  different coloured fruit and vegetables will ensure that we  get all the necessary vitamins and minerals that we need and this is especially important in the winter when there is less sunlight and less time spent outside. A healthy diet is the best defense against any illnesses that may come our way.

Get Outside

The Canadian winters are certainly no walk in the park but, that doesn't mean that we can't take one if we dress for the weather!  Getting outside isn't ideal in the coldest months but studies have shown that our immune systems and our health in general, benefit from fresh air and light - plus the Vitamin D that we get from a few hours in the winter sun helps boost our immune system and keeps it balanced during cold and flu season.

Move Your Body

During the winter months, it's natural to want to hibernate, but movement and exercise is vital to our well being. Making exercise a part of our daily routine can boost immunity. Exercise is also  a proven mood and energy booster and who doesn't need a boost in the colder months? Join us for our virtual Hatha Flow yoga practice every Saturday morning. 

Pamper Yourself

Colder outside means warmer inside so why not take some time to pamper ourselves. Winter can be stressful so take time to learn a new hobby , read a good book, or even catch up on movies or shows that we've always wanted to watch but have had the time to do. Need some ideas? Markham Public Library is a great place to start with our wide selection materials  to read, watch or listen or our online databases and virtual programs to learn something new.

This winter is going to be long but trying out some of these tips just may make the long days more fun and will re-energize us for spring and summer!