Let’s Write Poetry!

MPL’s “Learning at Home” series is designed to support elementary level students' continued learning beyond the classroom.  The posts explore topics related to the Ontario Curriculum and are designed to spark curiosity, learning and fun!

Happy National Poetry Month! No matter what grade you're in, you have probably heard a poem before, thought about its meaning and maybe you have written one too. April is a great time to celebrate all things poetry. Here are some fun activities you can do for National Poetry Month. 

Primary Grades (1-3)

  1. Follow these instructions to learn how to write an acrostic poem! An acrostic poem has the subject on the left written vertically, each line of the poem describes the main subject using the first letter. This is a great activity for younger children because they can practice vocabulary they already know about a certain topic.
    Need ideas for a subject? Try your name, your pet's name or your favourite season!
  2. Practice rhyming with these PBS games online.
  3. Watch the video below and learn how to write a poem while playing a very fun and creative game.

Junior Grades (4-6)

  1. What are the elements of a poem? Watch this video and think about what are some elements of poems that make poems different from other writing.

2. Both poems in the video above uses a lot of imagery and figurative speech that is very common in poetry. Learn more about personifications, metaphors and similes below. Write a poem that uses personification, metaphors or similes and read it aloud to your family!

Senior Grades (7-8)

  1. Have you ever thought of what makes a poem a poem? Watch this video to find out more or to get you thinking about poetry. It sounds like robots cannot write a convincing poem, why do you think that is?

2. If you haven't watched Amanda Gorman's beautiful inauguration poem The Hill We Climb. Watch it now and reflect on the feelings and thoughts it brings out in you. What did or didn't you like about the poem? 

3. Why do we still read or write poetry? Amanda Gorman believes that poetry is for everyone, powerful and political in nature. Watch Amanda Gorman's Ted Talk below and think about the questions she poses. Whose shoulders do you stand on? What do you stand for?

Want more poetry in your life? Here are some great books with wonderful poems:

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