Helpful Programs and Services for Seniors!

As many Canadians continue to isolate themselves at home, I have found myself slowly losing track of the days. What used to be a very clearly defined work-week and weekend is no longer very clear to me. The days seem to flutter by. However, I am fortunate that I am in a much better position than some of our most vulnerable populations in Canada who don’t enjoy many of the luxuries we are able to take for granted. Our seniors, in particular, face a host of challenges that have made life much more difficult for them. Thus, in celebration of Seniors Month, I want to highlight some of the services and programs that you or your older loved ones can take advantage of during these trying times – because everyone deserves to be happy and safe.

Access our Online Resources – Since our libraries are presently closed, and you cannot physically check out our books, we have many great online resources you can access from home. You can check out eBooks, magazines and newspapers, and even take online courses, to name a few. The best part? We know how diverse the Markham community is, so many of our resources are offered in many languages other than English!

Virtual Events – We continue to provide a range of programming for all age groups, including seniors! Check out our events page to see some of our many offerings, including our upcoming Older Adult Socials which will help connect you with other like-minded folks!

Additionally, we have some other helpful books below that are a part of the Markham Public Library collection, which can help you navigate technology more effectively!

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