Recipezy: Easy Cooking Powered by AI and Markham Students

Looking for entrepreneurial inspiration? Interested in App development?

Meilly and Meisa, are two Markham sisters (students)… and entrepreneurs! Together, they are co-founders of a startup for an AI-run App called Recipezy. In this blog, written by the sisters, you will learn about their vision behind a business that will solve recipe uncertainties for good.

Meilly and Meisa will be holding a virtual workshop on October 3rd to share all about their journey as co-founders of their startup. Join us to learn more and have the opportunity to ask all your questions! Register Here.

“What do I make for dinner?”

This is a question everyone knows all too well.

You can search up “What do I make for dinner”, and you’ll get lists and lists of ideas. Narrowing down those countless ideas to something at your skill level, that can be cooked conveniently with the ingredients you have, is the challenge.

And it’s this challenge that my sister Meisa, and I, Meilly, have teamed up to solve in hopes of helping our mom (and everyone who has a kitchen!) make cooking easy, green, and fun.

Before this, though, each evening would see Mom go through the familiar process of opening the fridge, staring at it, and fretting over what to make. She would ask each one of us 4 siblings, then our Dad, then finally herself the same question. It would be great if recipes could just pop up in her head after staring at the fridge, saving her the trouble and time of brainstorming. That’s when my sister, who specialises in machine learning and app development, realised she could do exactly that, with AI!

Enter Recipezy: An app that uses AI to scan your fridge for ingredients and show you easy, 10 minute recipes customized just for you. When Mom tried out the app, the once painstaking process was streamlined in a way that was almost magical. Since then, we’ve never been troubled by the age-old question of “What do I make for dinner?” again.

Chef-E, our adorable AI model

But that wouldn’t be the end for the app. If it made such a big difference in our household, we could only imagine the positive impact it would bring to others. That’s where I stepped in with my business-savvy to co-found Recipezy as a startup with my sister and share convenient cooking with the rest of the community.

So, Markham, if you’re interested in making cooking easy, green, and fun, visit our website at to bring Recipezy to your kitchen!

We’ll be hosting a webinar soon where we go into more depth about our journey as co-founders, and another to demonstrate how our app is used. If you want to know more about Recipezy or virtually meet us, register on MPL’s Events page!